Managing relationship stress while remodeling

June 24, 2020

Remodeling | Tips

Remodeling can have inevitable stress on a relationship…

Here are a few pointers to help minimize possible tension.There is no doubt that couples make a lot of decisions and sometimes tough choices during a remodel.  There is a much collaboration, personal preferences, money, and emotions involved.  It’s normal for some days you and your significant other not to agree on everything. Even with a well planned and thought out project, remodeling is still a disruption to your daily structure which can be stressful.   So, how can you remodel your relationship while remodeling your home?  Hmm?

Our advice to any couple would be:

  1. Of course, talk to Virtuoso Builders’ many happy clients about our smooth as peanut butter process.
  2. Sit down together and go through pictures so each person understands what the other likes. You might find out that you like the same thing!
  3. Be flexible in the change of living conditions. It’s temporary! You won’t be making coffee on your back porch forever.
  4. Agree on a budget. Figure out what you can afford and stick to it.Remember, you make a great team! You will be tested but you’ll learn how well you work together.
  5. Get out and take some alone time.

By Virtuoso Builders

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